Fix Error 651 Windows 7 / 8

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Error 651 is a well-known bug in Windows 7 which happen when you try to connect to the Internet using PPPoE connection

Way to fix error 651 Windows 7 is to replace raspppoe.sys

You can download the raspppoe.sys file from one of the below links,

(please right-click the ‘.zip’ file and get the actual raspppoe.sys file before you replace)

Now follow this steps,

  • Go to windows explorer or My Computer.
  • Open your system drive. (Most of the times its C:\)
  • Double click on the Windows Folder.
  • Now double click on System 32 Folder.
  • Then go to Drivers folder.
  • Rename raspppoe.sys file to old_raspppoe.sys.
  • The copy the downloaded raspppoe.sys file in to this folder.
  • Now you may restart your computer enjoy the internet.

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  3. Kathabuzz Thanks for very clear and understandable solution. So afr good excepte when the Win 7 sys will not allow me me to change to old sys file and next step to move new file in to eye 32. Win says Not Admin. I tried to change To total but no luck. Please help. Thanks again John

    • You need to be logged in as an Admin user to your PC, in order to perform this. Please try he same, logged in as an Admin user and let me know the status.

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