Fix Error 651 Windows 7 / 8

Error 651 is a well-known bug in Windows 7 which happen when you try to connect to the Internet using PPPoE connection

Way to fix error 651 Windows 7 is to replace raspppoe.sys

You can download the raspppoe.sys file from one of the below links,

(please right-click the ‘.zip’ file and get the actual raspppoe.sys file before you replace)

Now follow this steps,

  • Go to windows explorer or My Computer.
  • Open your system drive. (Most of the times its C:\)
  • Double click on the Windows Folder.
  • Now double click on System 32 Folder.
  • Then go to Drivers folder.
  • Rename raspppoe.sys file to old_raspppoe.sys.
  • The copy the downloaded raspppoe.sys file in to this folder.
  • Now you may restart your computer enjoy the internet.


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