The Dirty Truth about SMS Charges that mobile network operators doesn’t want you to know

Almost all Mobile operators in Sri lanka charge averagely about Rs. 0.25 per SMS at the time I’m writing this,

An SMS is only 160 characters.
So lets do some maths,

160 characters is 160 Bytes
So it costs Rs. 0.25 for 160 Bytes
Rs. 0.25/160 per Byte.
Rs. 0.25/160×1024 per 1KB (One KiloByte) = Rs. 1.6
Rs. 1.6 x 1024 per 1MB (One MegaByte) = Rs. 1638.40
Rs. 1638.40 x 1024 per 1GB (One GigaByte) = Rs. 1,677,721.60

Let me make it clear if you use 1GB of date as SMS you spend Rs. 1,677,721.60 ( One million six hundred seventy-seven thousand seven hundred twenty-one Rupees and sixty Cents), and let me remind you that 1GB dosent cost a over Rs. 1000.00 in any operator’s data plan. And this is not just limited to Sri Lanka its an international gamble.

And lets do another realistic calculation,

if you send 20SMS a day,

50 SMS x 30 days a Month = 1500
That’s 1500 SMS x Rs. 0.25 per SMS = Rs. 375 a month (Aprox. Rs. 465 if you calculate with tax)
This is equivalent to 1500 SMS x 160 bytes of data for an SMS = 240000 bytes a month
240000 bytes = 240 Kilobytes = 0.00024 Gigabytes.

In general you can get about 2GB data plan for Rs. 350 in Sri Lankan market

So this will cost only Rs. 350 X (0.00024GB/2GB) = Rs. 0.042

That’s shocking right?

Rs. 375 / Rs. 0.042 = 8928.57%

They charge you 8928.57% for an SMS than what it’ll actually cost if you use a messenger service via data.

So be SMART get a Smartphone and switch to a free messenger, witch will cost you only the data amount you use,

hmmmm, lets do the maths for that,hah!

if you wanna get a main stream Smartphone (Android, Apple, BlackBerry) still it will cost averagely around Rs. 40k, so even if had to buy two phones (maybe another one for your wife / GF) its under Rs. 100k. STILL 10 TIMES cheaper that spending One Million Rupees for SMS hah!

Just Imagine if you use a messenger service (WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Viber, GTalks, BBM)

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